post-title 4 tips to protect your company data

4 tips to protect your company data

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Information is something that we all take for granted. We do not appreciate its real value and we expect it to be always available. However, sharing sensitive data with employees and business associates comes with certain risks. For example, someone can steal company data, leaving your organization vulnerable. If you keep all important information in company servers or in the cloud, make sure that it is safe. Here is what you can do:

1.      Use several layers of protection

In the age of the Internet Of Things, it is more important than ever to safeguard company information. The devices that your organization uses can put you at great risk. IoT security issues have increased in the past years, so use several layers of protection. Use spam filters to keep unwanted messages out of the inbox. Make sure to use encryption everywhere. This will come in handy when you transfer data to the cloud or onto portable devices.

2.      Establish a security policy

Maybe it is time to implement a data protection policy. The aim of such a policy is to secure and protect important information which is stored, consumed, and managed by your organization. If you want to prevent data leaks and make sure that your business is not the target of cybercriminals, implement a security policy and invest in a datasikkerhet solution. Employees and clients need to know that you are doing their best to safeguard their information. Be transparent about your actions and always be honest. People need to understand that you value their data.

3.      Make sure that mobile devices are protected

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets generate considerable amounts of data. How are you supposed to make them more secure? Keep the systems and software up-to-date. Even if you are too busy, make time for updating the mobile devices in your company. You can leave them in a secure physical location, but that does not guarantee that no one will attempt to hack into their systems. Most importantly, use passcodes. This way, you have a guarantee that nobody from the outside can see what is on the gadgets. Using security applications is equally important, as they block malware and spyware.

4.      Back up important data

When it comes down to informasjonsikkerhet, it is essential to back up data. Try as you might, you cannot prevent cyberattacks; at least, not all of them. What would you do if you lost precious information? If you were to back up your data, it would be easy to retrieve it. Create a copy of existing data and keep it in a safe place. If disaster ever strikes, you got your back covered. You could keep it in the cloud or use an external hard drive. Another option is to use a NAS storage device which can operate wired or wireless. There are many places where you can start. Back up your data as part of your cyber protection plan.


Today, securing company data is important to say the least. Become serious about information security.