post-title Acting Techniques that Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Acting Techniques that Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

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At first glance, acting and jobs with important outcomes have absolutely nothing in common. Actually they have more in common that you may be inclined to think. According to executive coaches that help prepare corporate player communicate better, the same principles that help actors deliver a good performance can help a job seeker do good at an interview. Translating actor training into the business world is not easy, but it is not impossible. If you have to attend an interview, then the techniques that actors frequently use will help you perform better. The following acting techniques collected from actors and those that train them to devenir acteur will help you overcome your emotions.

Determine your objective

The only thing that you want to do is get the job, in other words this is your most important objective. Nonetheless, when you go to the interview you will have to have specific objectives in mind. You should prepare something that you can act on. For instance, you should not think in terms of being likeable, but rather “Do I want to work here?” or “I want to discover the company that am looking forward to being part of.” The simple act of going in with a concrete task in mind can change the entire energy of the room. What you should try to do is determine the accuracy of the environment as much as it is trying to figure you out. As long as you are able to keep your col you will no longer be a powerless job candidate. When you have an objective you will focus all your attention on the other people in the room instead of on yourself. The less you are focusing inward, the less anxious you will be.

A good presentation requires good preparation

You should not start presenting yourself as if you were presenting an essay. If you write it down, then you will be tempted to read everything out loud, which will not make a good impression and it will make you look impersonal. When you are looking for things to say, you should concentrate on your audience. Talk about how you managed to overcome problems at your previous workplace and describe how you did it. This will inevitably result in a more personalized presentation and it will allow you to build a link between you and your audience. While it is advisable to know all the point that you will be making, you should improvise when it comes to making them. This way, your manner of delivering points will remain fresh and you will succeed at getting your point across with warmth and humor.

The point of view

Similar to theatre, you can change the point of view by changing the point of view. Point of view is used here with the meaning of “belief”. You should have the inner belief to be able to carry any kind of action. You can walk into an interview with the point of view, namely you can come in thinking “I am the person for the job.” This way of thinking about yourself will completely alter the way I which you will perform.