post-title Are your employees fighting depression?

Are your employees fighting depression?

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When is the last time you conducted a survey to find out if your employees are happy at the workplace? Do not have the misconception that your employees will refuse to take part at the survey, the results are confidential, and they will not damage their image, if they show that the employees are stressed out because of their job. Numerous companies do not pay interest to their employees’ mental state, but it is important to make sure that they are satisfied with their workplace, because their performance is influenced by this aspect. In the majority of cases, stress is the main cause that leads to workplace depression, and if your employees show signs of being stressed because of their tasks, you can help them by supporting them to visit a counsellor. Depression leads to reduced productivity. The employees who suffer from depression feel disabled and they miss work.

How can you find out if your employees suffer from depression related to their workplace?

They take numerous sick days

One sign is when one of your employees is visiting the doctor more often than they used to do it in the past. If they refuse to tell you what the reason for the visits is, then they do not feel confident to share with their boss the fact that they are dealing with mental health issues. Even common signs like the ones of flu can be caused by stress at work. In case they seem to suffer but there is no physical reason for doing it, you can offer them some recovery days at luxury drug rehabs. Specialists can assess their state and offer them the help they need.

They seem to lack motivation

Many times the patients who suffer from depression are not motivated to perform at their workplace. When you have a new project and all your employees are enthusiastic except for one, then they may feel overwhelmed and stressed out, and they may need help to recover. Many people start using substances in order to improve their performance at work. If checks are conducted, and your doctor states that one of the employees makes abuse of substances you can advise them to enter one of the Ayahuasca retreats.

They have changes in behaviour

Many times the people who suffer from depression start showing signs of changed behaviour at work. Because their job is the one that triggers them depression, it is understandable why they start acting differently. In case a person who used to be sociable in the past, now isolate themselves from their colleagues, there are chances they may suffer from depression. You can hire a counsellor to talk to your employees. Make sure the patient confidentiality is respected. Your purpose is to increase productivity, not to find out who is having mental health issues.

They are absent from work numerous days

In case some of your employees are absent from work numerous days, workplace depression can be a reason. This may show that they are no longer interested in their work, and you should try to find out how you can help them. Show them that you support them, and you do not punish them because they are suffering from depression.