post-title Cantilever Racks – Specifics, Advantages and More

Cantilever Racks – Specifics, Advantages and More

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Being the owner of a construction company comes with both benefits and responsibilities, especially if you handle outdoor construction projects. You need large storage space to deposit all materials in proper conditions. If you have to store long pipes in your warehouse, the best choice for you is to install cantilever racks, because these units are perfect for storing such materials in safe conditions. Search on the internet for companies that provide cantilever racking for sale and opt for the one that best matches your budget and interests. Here is more information about cantilever racks you might want to know.

What are cantilever racks?

For those who are not quite familiar with the term, cantilever is a beam with arms that hold loads and it has only one end anchored. People use cantilever racking units whenever they need a proper system to store bulky, long loads, as it is the case of steel trusses and piping, plasterboard or timber.

Other specifics

It is important to know that these cantilever columns can have the height of up to 48 feet (nearly 15m), which is clearly a great advantage for warehouses that have a high ceiling and small storage space. These cantilever racks are made out of high strength steel in order to be able to support heavy loads. They have four parts: the uprights, which is the vertical beam that supports the arms; the base of the cantilever, where the uprights connect and provide stability and support to the whole unit; the racking arms, which are the horizontal beams supporting the loads and which can be set at various angles according to the storage requirements; and the braces, whose main role is to connect and support the uprights in order to give rigidity and strength to the unit.

Advantages of using cantilever racks

There are numerous advantages of installing cantilever racking systems and some of them were already mentioned above. They are the perfect choice for storing long loads. It is true that you can opt for floor stacking to store long loads, since the investment is much lower in this case, but the efficiency is also lower than cantilever racks. It is important to mention that cantilever racking units are quite easy to install and reconfigure. You can store nearly any type of long loads, including timber or pallets. They help you reduce handling times, not to mention that productivity is also improved, since you have easy access to the stock. Another advantage of these racks is that if you need, you can add some extra arms in order to store materials of different sizes and shapes. Probably the best advantage that comes with installing cantilever racks is the fact that you double your warehouse storage capacity. The columns of these racks are pre-punched on both sides, so you can turn them from single-sided to double-sided units effortlessly.

Overall, this is some useful information about cantilever racks to help you get a clearer idea upon their specifics and advantages.