post-title Choosing the Best Rubber Stamps: Tips and Tricks

Choosing the Best Rubber Stamps: Tips and Tricks

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Some of the common types of a stamp include dates stamps, notary stamp, signature stamp, custom stamp, self-ink stamp, and pre-inked stamp.

Meanwhile, a lot of things need to be considered before approaching a rubber stamp maker for stamp design. The purpose of the stamp must be finalized before making that move. You also need to get all other details right to avoid mistakes. The following questions must be answered first:

  • Are the wordings well spelled?
  • Do you want to add a logo or just the name of the organization? Do you want to add your contact details to the address?
  • What information can you forego to create space for other essential information?
  • What size do you prefer; a big or small sized-stamp?
  • What will be the cost?

Bear in mind that there may not be adequate space to occupy the details you want on the stamp if the size is too small. On the flip side, storage problem may arise if the stamp is too big. You should only contact the makers after finalizing your decisions. 

But that’s not all, here are some other tips for choosing the best rubber stamps.

Get every detail right before the work starts

Never work with a designer that is not ready to carry you along every step of the way. The designer should inform you about little things like the height and width that they want to adopt for your stamp.

Find out the amount of space between each of the words and also make sure they never deviate from the agreed size and shape. Make sure that the stamp being made by the designer is the same with rubber stamp type you want.

Choose the right ink and ink pad

Ink for rubber stamps comes in different colors, like green, red, violet, blue and black. The stamp pads are also made of different materials, like metal, wood, fabric, plastic and even glossy paper.  The best pad is one made of cotton since it can take oil-based, solvent-based and water-based types of ink.  

Choosing the right designer

Some stamp designers provide clients with stamp templates so that the customer can choose exactly what he wants before the work begins. The customer can equally design the particular type of stamp he wants from the template provided by the designer. Therefore, there will be no mistake on the part of the designer when making the stamp.

The programs for the design are usually elementary to follow so that the client can design his desired stamp effortlessly. The company will then follow the template provided by the client to design a befitting stamp.

Choose the right mount

The mount is yet another essential aspect of the rubber stamp to consider when choosing the right stamp. Mounts are made of different materials, and they provide stability for the stamp. Some of the materials used in making mounts are acrylic block, brick, and wood.

The tips above are reliable for choosing the best rubber stamps. Discuss your expectations with the rubber stamp maker before the process begins to avoid irreparable mistakes.