post-title Corporate gifts – a must for customer delight

Corporate gifts – a must for customer delight

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When it comes to marketing, most people believe it is all about promoting products and generating leads to support sales activity. Truth is, that these are the main end goals for the marketing department of any company, regardless of its field of activity. What is often forgotten is that their activity should not stop the moment the first sales meeting takes place. Actually, it should not stop even after the contract is signed. In spite of its importance, the one strategy businesses tend to ignore is customer delight. This means taking care of your clients and building engagement, even after the deal is closed. A recent study has shown that it is a lot less expensive to keep an old customer than to attract and sign with a new one, which is why investing in customer delight should be your go to marketing strategy.   

What exactly does customer delight mean?

If you are focusing on an inbound marketing strategy, then customer delight should be the final step of your succession of activities. What does it mean? It means that you will not only offer exactly what you promised you are going to deliver, but even more: you will surprise customers by exceeding their expectations, use the personal factor and generate a positive emotional reaction from their part. Briefly, creating a successful story means much more than just offering satisfaction by selling a product.

Are corporate gifts that important?

Well, the answer to this one is simple: yes, they are very important. When it comes to B2C marketing, creating customer delight through presents is quite easy. However, it is important for marketers to understand that in this sense, B2B is not that different. Actually, what most people tend to forget is that even though the client is some other business, the human factor is still there, because companies are run by people, after all. So, the moment you choose a corporate gift you are sending it to a person and you must pick accordingly.

How to choose the perfect corporate gift?

In order to pick the most suitable corporate gifts, you need to answer these questions:

  • What is your budget? To begin with, you must establish a dedicated budget, but keep in mind that you should not spend a fortune on these presents. However, make sure you spend an amount that sends a clear message: that you care about your business partners. So one criterion to help you with your decision is cost.
  • Who is the receiver? Analyze carefully the profile of the people you are sending the gifts to: do they prefer something laid-back or would they appreciate a soberer present? Offers vary from candy baskets to engraved precious pens, so there is no shortage of options available for you.
  • Why are you sending the gifts? Another criterion you should consider is the occasion. For instance, a Christmas gift should be a jolly, laid back one, such as a basket consisting in a bottle of wine and seasonal candy. Anyone would appreciate this choice, even the fanciest clients.