post-title Distress Ink Pads – the Perfect Help for Creating Vintage Cards

Distress Ink Pads – the Perfect Help for Creating Vintage Cards

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When you create cards for other people, it might be difficult to find the perfect model for every one of them, and there are not few the situations, when they are not satisfied with the result, even if they ask for a certain type of cards. However, you should not give up, because there are also many other people who appreciate your work, and they keep coming back to you every time they need some cards for an event. The key to attract new clients would be to offer a new type of products, and you should know that right now the trend is to create vintage invitations and cards. For doing this, you should take a look in online stores, and purchase some products like Tim Holtz distress ink pads, which will prove very useful when you would want to create cards or invitations for your clients.

Why people prefer vintage cards and invitations

As you already know the old trends are coming back, and the same is happening with the invitations and cards, so nowadays people seem to prefer the ones, which have a vintage look, because they are more stylish and elegant. These cards are not used only when they send their greetings to someone, but they are also attached to flowers bouquets, and other similar presents, because what can be more beautiful than receiving a bouquet of roses with a vintage card attached. Vintage wedding invitations are also preferred when people want to organise an event, and you might have the wrong impression that you will have to use only the brown and gold colours, when you design the cards, but you can transform the paper into vintage one, using almost any colour you can imagine.

How can I transform standard cards into vintage ones

One way of transforming the cards and invitations from standard ones, into vintage ones is to use distress ink pad. They come in a wide variety of colours, because people have different tastes, and you have to be able to create them even vintage cards in pink or blue. There is no other way of making vintage invitations and cards than using these supplies, because you only have to apply or stamp them directly on the paper and their glossy surfaces will disappear. In case they ask you to transform the look of other things like tissues, and wood, you can use these products on them too. They immediately create a realistic aged effect on paper, and you only have to scrunch the paper into a ball and when you flatten it back, you will be amazed to see how their look changed. In case you want to obtain a deeper colour, you should spray the paper with a spray so the ink will spread. If you want to obtain a more dramatic effect, you have the possibility to burn the edges of the invitations and cards, and your clients will be sure that every card and invitation is unique.