post-title Essential Things You Need in an Office Kitchen

Essential Things You Need in an Office Kitchen

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In your kitchen at home, you have everything you need to prepare and serve food so you should enjoy the same comfort at the office. Therefore, your office kitchen should include some essential things that will make lunch break a breeze.

Clean drinking water with a water filter

It’s very important to have clean drinking water at your service at any time so a water filter will come in handy in any office kitchen, given that tap water is not so clean and fresh. You can either opt for a water filter you get from companies that come and refill it for you with fresh water or you can opt for a faucet or under the sink filter that can eliminate the impurities in the water.

Delicious lunches with a microwave oven

Everyone has to eat at the office so your kitchen needs to include a microwave oven that can successfully replace the more cumbersome stove and oven. The microwave is a must-have of every kitchen nowadays because it can cook, reheat, and defrost anything in minutes and the resulted food is delicious and still contain nutrients and vitamins.

Don’t forget about the coffee maker

Your day at the office couldn’t start unless you have a cup of coffee to energize you for the tasks to come so you definitely need to get a coffee maker for your office kitchen. Choose a larger unit that can make several coffees at the same time so your coworkers won’t have to wait their turn for too long. The drip coffee makers are a convenient choice, as well as the espresso makers that use freshly ground coffee for the most intense cup of coffee.

Sharp knives to prepare food

No one likes to have dull knives that can’t cut through anything so make sure your office kitchen is supplied with sharp knives that make cooking easier. You will have to prepare your lunch fast so struggling to sharpen the knives is not going to help you eat during your lunch break.

Plates and bowls for serving lunch

You will definitely need to prepare your food in something, mix all the ingredients, and serve your lunch so you must have plates and bowls in your kitchen. The stainless steel ones are great for mixing salads and the ceramic ones can go in the microwave without any problem. Avoid plastic that releases toxins when used in high temperatures.