post-title Hosting a last minute-bridal shower for your co-worker

Hosting a last minute-bridal shower for your co-worker

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It is great when you have an excuse to eat cake and socialise at work. Do you know what is even better? Celebrating the best moments in life with a dear friend. Is your close friend about to get married? If yes, you need to throw them a bridal shower. This single-day event can take place right in the office. You are not committing a crime of etiquette. You are simply doing something nice for the person that you work with. Maybe you think that it is impossible to pull off a last-minute bridal shower. Well, nothing could be simpler. It is true that there are many details that go into planning such an event, but you will manage to work things through. Continue reading to find out how to plan a simple celebration.

Pick a variety of foods

If you have never ever attended a bridal shower in your life, then it is no wonder that you do not have a clue what kind of food is served traditionally. Just so you know, the event typically features wedding cupcakes and cookies. These foods are easy to clean up after, so they are a good idea. However, it is important to offer a variety of foods. You and all the rest can split the costs. Think about serving grilled pizzas, pickup foods, sandwiches, and cool beverages. You cannot go wrong with these items. Perhaps you can get the company to supply the food.

Invite everyone who attends work

The purpose of the bridal shower is to prove to the bride-to-be that everyone wishes her the best for the big day and help her transition to married life. You have picked the date, chosen a theme, and ordered personalised wedding ribbon. What do you do next? You draft the guest list, of course. It is needless to say, but you have to invite all the people at the office. They will not have the chance to attend the wedding, yet at least they will be present at the office bridal shower. If you are working for a large corporation, you might want to narrow down the list. Invite only the team that you and the bride are part of. There is no picking and choosing.

Think about gifts

Gifting is the difficult part. In addition to the fact that you have to purchase the presents on your own, you have to know what to get. You can stick to things like espresso makers, fashion accessories, crystal dishes, and so on and so forth. You can buy affordable gifts or you can buy one big present and get things over with. It is your decision. If you do not know what to do, ask your colleagues for advice. After all, you are all involved in the process.