post-title How are tattoos affecting your career and why you should remove them?

How are tattoos affecting your career and why you should remove them?


When you were a teenager, you most probably thought that getting a Rihanna-like neck tattoo was a great idea. And you got it. However, as the years passed, you became an adult and you had to look for a job. And you did it. But how many times did the potential employer look reluctant at your star-like tattoo? Each and every time, probably. Fact is in order to get a celebrity-like tattoo, you have to be a celebrity. They afford doing so. Their only job is to look intriguing, to shock and to be different. Sadly, your regular life oftentimes requires blending perfectly in society, in order to increase your chances to succeed. This is the reason you should consider removing the tattoos you have in plain sight. The most appropriate intervention is the Picosure laser tattoo removal London established. It’s fast and effective, affordable and it leaves no traces of what used to be your teenager tattoo.

Employers are reluctant to hire tattooed individuals

Too much attention is bad attention. This is probably what your mother used to tell you, and you should have listened. Career-wise, researchers have discovered that having a visible tattoo might prevent you to get a promotion or even get the job. This is why you risked so much by getting one. Especially in corporate environments, employers are quite sensitive in this matter, and many admit that they would not hire a person with a visible tattoo, nor would they promote them in a higher position. It’s a matter of image, the company’s image, and many are willing to take the safest path. Also, the same research showed that employers take less seriously tattooed individuals, which makes them less viable candidates for a job.

The message and placement of the tattoo weight a lot

From the employers interviewed, they all claimed that the placement and the message promoted by the tattoo weight a lot in their decision of hiring a person. For instance, they would all avoid hiring someone with a face tattoo or someone that has a visible tattoo promoting hate or intolerance in any shape. Immature tattoos were also seen negatively. Employers would prefer avoiding to associate their business with such individuals.

These are two of the main reasons why you should consider a tattoo removal procedure. And while we understand that this is a personal preference, and that not everybody is willing to get rid of all their tattoos, the visible ones and in inappropriate places, or messages should undergo this procedure.