post-title How can netball work to your employees’ advantage?

How can netball work to your employees’ advantage?

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Being the manager of a company can be extremely exhausting and stressful, yet the moment you see the results you have long been dreaming of, nothing seems so difficult anymore. However, you have to admit that you would have never been able to reach success if it were not for your employees. Consider playing netball together with your employees and enrolling in netball leagues in London. Here are some great examples on how this can work to your company’s advantage.

It helps new employees bond with the old ones

One of the many ways in which netball can benefit your company is when you hire new staff. New employees tend to be shy and reticent in the beginning, as they know they will have a lot to learn and work in order to reach success. Well, one very good method to help them get accustomed with the work environment and with their new colleagues is to take all your employees to play netball. This game is not only for women as many people believe, but also for men, not to mention that mixed teams can also be created.

It gives them a different perspective of what being a team actually means

Employees work either individually or in a team at the workplace, yet each of them is on their own and has different tasks to complete, even though they are assigned to the same team. Team-spirit may not be so well-developed in such situations. Nevertheless, things are quite different when it comes to playing netball. Since the number of players in a netball team is limited to seven only, the game itself is extremely intense and fast. Players have to work together and remain focused during the entire game if they want to win. This will nurture team-spirit and will help them communicate with each other easier, especially when they have to decide on the best strategy to use during the game.

It gets you closer to your employees

By playing netball together with your employees, you strengthen the relationship you have with them. You will be part of the team and have the same attributes as the rest of the players. Employees will find it easier to get close to you this way and to know you as a person. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to see how employees get along with each other and if there are any arguments or misunderstandings between them that you can solve later on.