post-title How to throw an amazing holiday office party

How to throw an amazing holiday office party

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Have you ever been to a bad office party? Who of us hasn’t? It’s bad enough that you have to attend a holiday party, without even enjoying yourself. You believe that any party is better than no party at all. Here is where you are mistaken. You need to do your absolute best to make your team feel appreciated. There is no better way to honour others’ contribution than to throw an amazing holiday office party. This is what you need to do to make the celebration a memorable one.

Pick a convenient date

Generally speaking, the holiday season is pretty stressful. There are all sorts of preparations involved. You have to go shopping for food, visit relatives, and attend your kid’s school play. That doesn’t leave people with too much time. Before setting the date, take into account the limited timeframe of your employees. Give them notice of when the celebration will be held and ask them to save the date in the calendar.

Decorate the office so that everyone will be buzzing  

Let’s say that Memorial Day has caught you working or you’re celebrating Christmas in the summer. You have the perfect excuse to party with your employees. Why don’t you give the office party a unique touch? All you need are decorating clips, poster strips, banners, ribbons, and a whiteboard. The great thing is that you don’t have to purchase ribbon, as you have personalised wedding ribbon left over from the office bridal shower. Ribbons are great for decorating vases, plants, and containers. Hang up banners announcing the celebration and apply the rest of the decorations. Decorations set the tone and make the workspace more friendly.

Yes, you can serve alcohol at a holiday party

To serve or not to serve Alcohol? That is the question. Undoubtedly, you’re afraid that employees will cross the line and drink a little too much. If you want people to get their job done, it’s best to serve the drinks after working hours. This way, workers can participate in the festivity and not feel bad about it. You should trust your employees to be responsible. They are grown-ups and they will do their best to avoid gaffes. If you want to be on the safe side, you can keep a close eye on people. Make sure that the staff members don’t exaggerate with the alcohol. If they do, then get them in a cab. An auto crash is the last thing you want.