post-title Increased productivity: create an inspiring work environment

Increased productivity: create an inspiring work environment

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Street noise, annoying phone calls and unexpected meetings represent common disruptions that ruin employees’ concentration. However, nothing has a more negative impact on productivity than restless co-workers. This explains why open-plan office spaces do not work for most organizations. The biggest mistake that many business owners make is not paying attention to the workplace design. If employees do not benefit from control over temperature, lighting and their own desks, then a feeling of weakness or helplessness appears, thus influencing the employee’s ability to focus. Furthermore, employees need privacy. Of course, this does not mean that business owners should allocate a different room or office for each employee, but under no circumstances, they should opt for open floor plans. However, no person feels comfortable at work if someone else watches his or her every single move. Therefore, these should be a certain distance between co-workers. Every business owner should evaluate the workplace design and determine if it requires certain changes that might increase employee productivity.

Employers should evaluate the workspace and make improvements

Air quality, temperature, lighting and plants are essential aspects that demand full attention when designing a workspace for employees. Of course, it goes without saying that the office must look decent. More specifically, peeling paint on walls, old-fashioned furniture and the lack of modern devices that help employees perform daily tasks are unacceptable. The employer has the obligation to update the office by initiating an improvement project that involves purchasing new furniture or rearranging existing pieces that are worth keeping, adding a fresh coat of paint, installing bespoke office blinds with the help of Commercial Blinds & Glazing Ltd and putting advanced devices at employees’ disposal in order to facilitate their job and increase productivity in the workplace. The ideal office space must lack distractions and dullness, must promote social balances and improve employees’ mood. Even small details like placing a green plant on every desk or energize staff with some good music once in a while can make a huge difference in productivity. Of course, it depends on the industry because music, for instance, is not adequate for all workplaces, but it becomes the employer’s responsibility to make the necessary improvements.

Employees should learn how to collaborate effectively

Inconsistency and a toxic leadership probably represent the biggest productivity killers. Team leaders should not belittle or underestimate subordinates. Instead, they should communicate and collaborate effectively in order to finalize projects successfully and work together toward achieving a common goal, namely help the company grow. The main idea is that, even if you change the office design, this will not improve productivity if the people working in the respective space do not make compromises and do not learn how to build positive relationships, for the sake of the company. Incorporating nature and bringing four-legged friends at work from time to time can prove to be very beneficial because it changes the ambiance instantly. Finally, yet importantly, employees should have a special area designed for relaxation, during lunch breaks, of course.