post-title Leadership, philanthropy and tolerance – factors that contribute to business success

Leadership, philanthropy and tolerance – factors that contribute to business success

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Do you want to become a good businessman, but you don’t know where to start? You might have what it takes, but you have no idea how to discipline yourself in order to succeed? Then you are in the place you should be at the moment. This article is meant to be motivating and educative, helping you to train the three most important qualities of an entrepreneur – leadership, philanthropy, and tolerance. Each of these qualities contributes to achieving business success as fast and effective as possible. You have to learn how to cultivate them and make good use of them in your journey. Reading about this topic will help you understand these concepts thoroughly and use them for your progress. Don’t forget to watch this video before anything else

Here’s what you need to know:


In order to be an effective leader, you have to pay attention to certain qualities. First of all, you should learn how to communicate your ideas clearly. Miscommunication is often the cause of conflict, regardless of its type. The team you run has expectations and respect orders as given. You can’t afford to cause an issue just because you didn’t clearly communicate your vision. The second quality you should cultivate is honesty.

Being transparent with your team is a must for developing trust and it goes hand in hand with being confident and transmitting the feeling of confidence to your entire team. Don’t forget to inspire positivity and help your team feel listened. Commit to your goals and remain unbiased when solving problems. Finally, serve your team whenever they need it. You can follow the example of Moshe Kantor, a true leader that possess all the mentioned qualities. Pay attention to his past activity and the way he handled situations so that you can learn from it.


What are you currently doing for others instead of yourself? There is one condition for making your business work – get rid of your ego and your own benefits for helping others instead. Making your team feel valued will lead to more productivity and – of course – higher profits. The better your team feels, the more confidence they will gain in you as an entrepreneur and a boss. Fundraising for a cause will give you a better image as an entrepreneur and will also help you feel better about yourself. Being able to understand what people are going through and to help them overcome a difficult situation will transform you into a better person, and – implicitly – a better business owner.


Finally, the last quality you should try to cultivate is tolerance. Being tolerant of all sorts of people is a must for a professional entrepreneur. You have to be tolerant to all of your team members and treat each situation accordingly. Maintain your calmness and patience when solving an issue and always consult others when making a decision. Being tolerant is a capacity that not many people possess, but it truly makes a difference when running a successful business.