Increased productivity: create an inspiring work environment

Street noise, annoying phone calls and unexpected meetings represent common disruptions that ruin employees’ concentration. However, nothing has a more negative impact on productivity than restless co-workers. This explains why open-plan office spaces do not work for most organizations. The biggest mistake that many business owners make is not paying attention to the workplace design. […]

Software product development: crucial steps for a smooth process

We have to start by emphasizing the importance of long-term commitment and technical expertise for successfully completing software product development, which definitely represents a thought-provoking domain. This should not make you hesitant and less confident in your strategy, which has the purpose to make the process as coherent as possible for the entire team putting […]

Creative Gift Ideas for Business Partners

To keep your business up and going, you must have happy and satisfied business partners. No matter if a special occasion or holiday is coming soon, or you simply want to surprise your business partners and show them how much you appreciate them, you must give them the perfect gift. To find out some creative gift ideas for business partners, read our article.