post-title Quick-witted ways to include the logo into your office design

Quick-witted ways to include the logo into your office design

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Congratulations. After months of planning, you have managed to complete the model of the logo you plan to use for your brand. Everyone knows that it is not an easy and simple process to create a logo, because it is important it to represent the essence of your company. Now, that you have the perfect logo, you may ask yourself what should you do with it? It all starts with your office; many marketing strategies rely on the way the office of a business is designed. The reason behind it is that many clients and business partners visit your office, and if they create a good first impression, they will definitely want to use your products. Here are some tricks on how to integrate your logo into the design of your office.

Use the colour of the logo

When you have created the logo, you have used a certain colour palette, and when you design the office, you should make sure these hues are the main ones used. This is an effective branding strategy, for example, the airline companies use the colour of their logo when they create the seats and carpets inside the plane. The colour of the logo should be a subtle presence, especially if it is a bold one. If you have not decided yet the colours you want to use for your logo, on this link there are some ideas

Put your logo together with your slogan

When you include design features into the way your office is decorated, you have to make sure that it does not look overboard. You want the logo and slogan to enforce the identity of your brand, therefore, when you use them to decorate the office, make sure to place them in the right spot. The majority of companies place them at their reception area, because there they have more chances to be seen. Other companies use the logo and slogan to personalise the floor of the office space, so the visitors get in touch with the logo from the moment they step inside the building.

Branding is an art

When it comes to office design, you have to look for creative ways to include the logo into its aesthetics. For example, you can use photos to display your logo in places where your products are sold. A logo like the ones from can be placed on display stands during product launches. Take pictures of the event, and make sure to capture the logo together with your products. These pictures should be placed throughout the office; it will reflect your company’s values.

Use the logo for office clothing

If you want to create a corporate vibe at the office, then you can create some custom shirts your employees should wear at the office, that include your logo. In case you do not want to ask your employees to wear an office uniform daily, you can create them some badges that include their name and the logo of the company. In this way, they promote the brand image of the business and they let the visitors know whom they are talking to.