post-title Starting your own lawn care business: These are the tools of the trade

Starting your own lawn care business: These are the tools of the trade

Business Ideas

Every summer, you would fan out across the neighborhood looking to cut grass and save some money for college. Now, you are a grown-up. Mowing the lawn just will not cut it anymore. You must be able to mow multiple lawns in one single day, but also do things like weeding and tree trimming. Lawn care is a big business. This means that you can make a profit fast if you know what you are doing. To start a lawn care business, you merely need the tools of the trade. Learn all about the equipment you will need.


The vehicle represents the biggest expenditure. If you do not have a truck, you should better get one. You cannot carry the pieces of equipment from one place to the other. A truck is versatile in the sense that you can haul everything from samples of grass plants to heavy-duty tools. If you cannot afford to buy a truck, rent one. You assume no risk by lasing out the vehicle. On the contrary, you have everything to gain. Before looking into Kantklippere offers, check out truck lease deals. Understand what the lease requires and look hard enough for discounted offers. Most importantly, negotiate the selling price. Negotiate as if you were buying the car.

Push mower

Of course, you need a lawn mower. Find a push mower that meets your specific needs. When in the market for such a piece of equipment, take into account the size of the yard, whether it is flat or hilly, and the number of obstacles that you must bypass. Buying a lawn mower is not as difficult as buying a Landbrukstraktorer, but still. You need to be careful. The best months for purchasing a push mower are April, May, August, September, and October. If you want to use the lawn mower a long, long time, check the oil level every now and then, change the oil, and clean the combustion chamber deposits.


When you are done mowing, weeding, and raking, you must trim the edges. You cannot undertake this operation if you do not have an edger. The best tool will give the lawn a professional look. There are two main types of edges: powered and manual. Cordless edgers rely on batteries and they can cut straight edges with ease. Manual edgers, on the other hand, may seem hard to operate, but they are quite user-friendly. A manual edger could be exactly what you need. Pay attention that it’s necessary to rock the edger back and forth, applying all the force to the cut.

When you will have saved enough money, you can invest in a Elektriske nyttekjøretøy. Just make sure that it is customized for work. If your garage is not big enough, you will want to rent a storage space. You cannot leave the equipment in the car as someone might steal it. a self-storage unit is about the size of a bedroom, so there is plenty of room for the tools of the trade.