post-title Stock Market 101 – Everything One Needs to Know

Stock Market 101 – Everything One Needs to Know


In the past years, more and more people have decided to start trading on the stock market and the number of people who become traders still continues to increase. However, in order to be able to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, it is highly important to understand what is the stock market exactly and even to learn some trading strategies that are meant to help the trader. Here are more details one should know about stock market before even entering this domain.

What exactly are stocks?

For those who are not quite familiar with the term, stocks are those financial instruments that represent a share within the ownership of a specific company and the one who owns those stocks can claim some of the company’s earnings and assets. It is worth mentioning that even though one owns some stocks in a certain company, this does not mean that person has to participate in the day to day activities running in that company, since the main decisions related to that firm are taken by professional and experienced managers.

Reasons to invest in stock market

There are many good reasons why investing in stock market is a good choice and one of them is related to the capital gains. If you decide to invest in stocks and everything goes well, then you might benefit from a great gain, regardless the amount of money you have invested in the beginning. You should know that there are no limits as far as gaining with stocks is concerned, so if you know exactly what trading decision to make, you might benefit from some high returns that you have not even dared to dream about before.

Entering the stock market

If you are interested in understanding the stock market and eventually entering it, the first thing you have to do is to open a brokerage account. Such an account is the pathway that leads you to the world of trading stocks, but make sure you opt for the one that best suits you. In order to avoid making any mistakes, it is recommended to ask for some professional advice from an experienced and reliable broker who has vast knowledge in this domain.

Trading strategies beginners should know

After opening the brokerage account, it is time to start trading. However, in order to make some money you should apply some strategies and one great example is the day trading strategy. This one implies trading stocks, both buying and selling them, within the same day. Traders using this method tend to target those volatile stocks and rely on recent earnings report or news. The swing trading strategy on the other hand implies targeting the end of a specific trend relying on the technical analysis and then jumping on board the moment a new trend appears. Even though this swing trading is considered short term, it lasts more than one day. A long term trading strategy is stock picking, which imply analysing the stocks in a specific industry, selecting the stock of a company and holding it for a longer period.