post-title Telehandlers – Common Features and Uses

Telehandlers – Common Features and Uses

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Also known as ‘telescopic handlers’ but mainly popular by the name of ‘telehandler’, these machines are used in a wide array of industries and fields, in order to transport easily materials and heavy objects. In the past years, these tools have become extremely popular in agriculture and constructions, due to their multiple capabilities, their resistance as well as the ease of use. If we are to mention about the beginnings of this vehicle, you should probably know that it has been initially launched by a UK based company from Surrey. The first telehandler was developed from an articulated cross country forestry forklift, since experts noticed the need for more specific operations. The original telescopic handler had the driver’s cab in the rear part, while the front section came with a centrally mounted boom. However, this structure was quite rigid and did not enable the user to operate the machine properly, because of the stiff chassis.

Which are the main features of a telehandler?

If you think you need telehandler hire, then you have to be aware of this machine’s features and capabilities. To begin with, you must know that its structure has changed over the years, and nowadays modern tools enable to driver to have full control. While initially, the chassis system was rather inflexible, today’s machines come with a rear mounted boom and a cab situated on one side. This model is the one that has made telescopic handlers so popular. Although as far as the appearance is concerned, a telehandler can be easily mistaken with a fork lift, since they look almost the same, they have different functions. Actually, when it comes to features, the telescopic handler is more similar to a crane, but has a greater versatility especially because it can extend upwards and forwards from the machine, thus reaching places unreachable for the traditional forklift. The boom can be fitted with one or many attachments (pallet forks, muck grab, winch or bucket), depending on the operator’s needs. In addition to this, the telehandler provides safety, stability, ergonomics and easy maintenance, crucial for the performance of such a machine.

What can a telescopic handler be used for?

As mentioned above, telehandlers were initially used for agricultural activities such as forestry or gathering the crops from the lands after threshing. Of course, these functions are still some of the most popular ones. Farmers purchase these vehicles because they enable them to manage their harvest as well as their day to day operations. Besides this, in the part years, telescopic handlers have become quite important, if not mandatory, in the industry of constructions. Whether you are thinking about building a house for residential purposes, covering roads with asphalt or developing an urban project, none of these would be possible without the use of a performing telehandler. For this reason, almost any constructions contractor needs to have at least one such vehicle, depending on the services they offer.