post-title Three Simple Customer Service Tips for Hair Salons

Three Simple Customer Service Tips for Hair Salons

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Owning a hair salon business is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Of course you need to take care of the establishment and hire well trained staff, but besides these, experts claim that there is something even more important: customer service. Your clients will definitely come back to your salon if you offer them a welcoming, friendly yet professional atmosphere, not to mention highly qualitative services. For this reason, you have to make sure your business is a customer centric entity and everything you do is oriented towards your stakeholders. So if you want to be the first choice option for those who need to go to a hair salon, here are some suggestions:

Stay up to date with the latest fashion tendencies

You may have the best crew in town, but you also need to understand what they have to do for their clients. In order for this to happen, make sure everyone is up to date with the latest fashion trends. This enables you to keep your clients close and also invest in the right things. For instance, you can start buying wholesale ribbon for hair bows, because this style is here to stay, at least the upcoming season. Your customers will be delighted to see that you can provide them with the most fashionable results in terms of coiffure and hair style.


Take advantage of technology

When owning a hair salon business, your greatest asset is, definitely, the skills of your employees. However, besides these, you should also streamline your activity by using the latest technological innovations. For instance, you can use an automated system to deal with appointments and help you with the inventory – these are affordable and quite efficient. Furthermore, you have to equip the salon with the latest specialised devices and gadgets, because this way customers will know you are up to date with the latest market trends.


Make clients feel valued

If you want your clients to stay loyal to your business, you also have to show them your loyalty. This means that they have to feel appreciated not only when they enter your salon, but anytime. To this end, you can use some simple methods to prove you are close to them: send them birthday messages, holiday greetings, customised offers, newsletters and so on. Create a database with all their details and it will be quite easy for you to get to know what they need and want.