post-title Tips for planning a baby shower on a budget

Tips for planning a baby shower on a budget

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If you will bring a new life to the world soon, then you may have considered planning a baby shower to celebrate this event. You might have this moment in mind since the first months you found that you are pregnant, and you may know exactly how you want it to look, but you may not want to spend too much, because this is not the right time to push your budget. Well, there is no problem, because you can still organise an amazing event, even if you have a small budget, because you only have to use your creativity. You should do some online research to see what parts of the event can be transformed into DIY projects, and what partners you may find to provide you with the things you need. For example, you can use the products listed by, because they are cute and affordable, and they can help you transform the venue.

How to save with stationery and invites

One amazing way to save money when it comes to sending invitations is to send online variants. There are multiple services that allow you personalise an electronic version of the invitation, and send it to your guests. However, if you do not want to use this option, then you can create them by yourself. You only have to purchase the paper you want to print the text on, and choose the model. And for cutting expenses, you can tie the paper with the help of ribbon, instead of using envelopes. You do not have to mail them, you can pass by your friends’ houses and invite them by yourself.

Save on décor

If you want to save money with the décor, then the best place to start is to buy in bulk. Before buying something, it is advisable to check online and compare prices offered by different companies. If you want to host the party in your backyard, then all you have to do is to have some balloons and to tie ribbons from the branches of the trees. There are so many DIY décor ideas online from which can inspire you; you only have to take your time to do some research.

Flowers are important

Yes, you have to place flower arrangements on the tables. If you want to save money on flowers, then you can plant your own flowers on the garden, or you can buy them from the local market. You can use some monochromatic vases to transform the venue into a beautiful place.