post-title Tips for Properly Using Your Water Fed Pole System  

Tips for Properly Using Your Water Fed Pole System  

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All you need in order to properly clean the windows is soap and water. If you do not understand how only liquid can be used for loosening dirt, then maybe you have not used a water-fed pole before. Water-fed pole systems make use of highly purified liquid, which does not leave marks when it dries. When you are cleaning the windows with pure liquid, you have the assurance that they will be completely spotless and streak free. However, there is a great number of people that claim that water fed pole systems have not exactly worked for them in the past. While there is no denying that bad experiences happen, this is not due to the cleaning system, but rather to the way it is used.

The water-fed pole is a tool, so use it like one

You have to keep in mind that the water-fed pole is like any other tool, namely that they have to be used properly in order to deliver good results. In the absence of the right cleaning skills or the right technique, the windows will not end up looking good at all. Now that it has been pointed out that the operator is the one responsible for making the cleaning method work, it is necessary to ensure that you will have a streak free finish. The pole is a tool and this is what you should make clear to your customer as well.

How to use a water fed pole

While it may seem obvious or not, you need to start cleaning top down. Wet the window using top-to-bottom strokes. To be more precise, you should begin with the highest windows, so that the dirt will not run onto the ones below. The fact is that any dirt that you manage to clean will end up on the windows right below, especially if it starts raining. In order to reach the top window without stretching too much, set the tool at the right height. Start with thoroughly cleaning the top section frame and apply the same principle to other window frames which sit above a glass surface. You should clean the windows carefully. This means that you should brush the entire pane more than one time, particularly if the windows are soiled. If it is necessary, scrub the edges as well.

Use clean filtered water

For the windows to look sparkling clean, you must use only clean water that will not leave residues on the glass or the window pane. Supply the pole with water that has been run through a filter such as the Crystal Quest that can be found at and that is known as an excellent water filtration system. Using this filter that is one of the best picks will eliminate the minerals in the water that are responsible for the limescale spots that are usually left behind when washing the windows so the results will be visible faster and you won’t have to wipe dry the windows afterwards. The Crystal Quest water filter or any other similar model will make the water more appropriate for washing the windows.

To increase the efficiency of your cleaning, use these tips

If you encounter small openings in the window frames, you should avoid them completely. Owing to the fact that they are full of dirt and easily fill with liquid, they will leak dirty water after you are finished. What you should do is work around the vents. Another thing to pay attention to is wood residue. Wooden window frames have the tendency to give off a powdery residue when they become humid, which will inevitably affect your finish. As a result, avoid scrubbing the structures where possible of course. There is a way of knowing if the wood frame is likely to release cloudy residue. Rub your finger across the pane and if your finger gets dirty, there is a clear problem. Last but not least, extra care is required when you are dealing with lead lights. The decorative windows break easily and they are expensive to replace. Make sure to use less brush pressure on the glass.