post-title Use a Self-Storage Unit Instead of a Warehouse

Use a Self-Storage Unit Instead of a Warehouse

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When you run a business and you need some space to deposit your goods, a warehouse might seem like the perfect choice. But it isn’t. Warehouses can vary in price range and dimensions and they are oftentimes located in inconvenient areas of the city. But since you’re here, you may be interested to find out that a self-storage unit might be a far better option for most businesses out there. Below are some of the reasons why this is happening.

Save plenty of money

What’s more affordable? To rent a warehouse or a self storage Decatur unit? Well, unsurprisingly, the latter. Warehouses have the size disadvantage. This is what makes them incredibly expensive and this is how plenty of your financial resources will get eaten for nothing when renting a warehouse. Instead, self-storage units offer less space, but just enough space for a small business to use. Why pay an obscene amount of money when for a fraction, you can get the same perks, if not some extras as well? You can always upgrade to a larger unit, whenever you need; so, this shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, maintenance costs will never appear like in warehouses’ case so, you’ll have some additional money in your bank account at the end of the month.

It’s very local

If you don’t want to travel long distances whenever you need something from your storage facility, then you may want to consider renting a self-storage unit instead of a warehouse. We mentioned it previously but warehouses are located in inconvenient areas of the city. Sometimes, you may not find a warehouse in your city so you’ll have to travel quite a lot to get to one. Storage units are always a short drive, in all cities. This is why you want to consider this option as a far better one than a traditional warehouse.

Enjoy the best security standard out there

You should know it by now. Storage units are incredibly secure and this will certainly benefit your business. On the other hand, warehouses tend to fall prey to burglars on a frequent basis. They usually aren’t properly equipped with the latest technological means to assure high-security standards. Self-storage units benefit from on-site security teams, the latest surveillance systems and alarms. If you want to make sure that others don’t threat the well-being of your supplies or products, a self-storage unit is a far better option for you. Plus, these security features are reinforced 24/7.


These storage spaces are incredibly versatile and you can store in those virtually anything that you want. It doesn’t matter what is the type of the business that you run, you will always find something that fits your needs from all points of view.

Make sure that next time when you need some storage options for business purposes, you choose a storage unit over a warehouse. As you can easily observe, the advantages are plentiful and you will end up plenty of money in the process.