post-title Your employees should play 5 aside football – here’s why

Your employees should play 5 aside football – here’s why


There is this popular misconception that managers should keep some distance from their employees and should interact with each other only in business-related situations. Well, if you truly want your employees to perform at their best in the workplace, it is recommended you engage in various activities and playing football together is one very good example. Look for 5 aside football leagues in London and think about the great benefits that come with this. Here are some example sin the article below.

The morale of your employees increases

One of the reasons why you, as the manager of the company, should consider engaging in sports activities with your employees is that it is a great opportunity to help them increase their self-confidence and morale. The fact that you play along them makes employees to see you with other eyes, more friendly actually, and to help them understand that you are not so difficult to approach after all. By encouraging employees to get closer to you during the game increases their confidence to approach you within the company as well whenever they feel the need.

Productivity also increases

Your employees will have an increased level of self-confidence and will learn not only how important it is to discuss with you about various business problems, but also how to discuss with each other within the same department for instance. The fact that they understand how essential teamwork and bonding business relationships based on respect and cooperation is will have a great impact on the productivity of your company, which will automatically lead to increased profits.

It helps employees distress

5 aside football is the perfect environment in which employees can interact with each other and with their manager outside the workplace, but besides this aspect, football is a great way to help everyone get rid of the stress they have gathered after a long and very busy day at work. It is commonly known that working in the corporate system can be extremely stressful sometimes and both employees and you, the manager, have to relax sometimes and to recharge your batteries and 5 aside football seems to be exactly what you need. Furthermore, football is also a great way to stay fit and healthy, so it will clearly make no harm to either you, or your employees.

All things considered, these are the main reasons why 5 aside football should be included in your business grid activities occurring outside the workplace.